Tollnaka Ganeral Treading L.L.C
Metal and Mineral Trading & Supply.

Tollnaka General Trading (TGT) LLC is one of the major marketers of metals and minerals based in Dubai, UAE. Our experience in this business is almost 10 years now. Not only have we done trading to uphold the business but we also focuses on an individualized and personalized working relationship with our customers and suppliers alike.

TGT LLC is mainly engaged in prime Metal and Mineral products including Copper, Industrial Salt, Copper, Manganese and so on. The company has a very steady quality of resources and quantity of supply.

We have well committed and highly experienced professionals with a strong urge to serve to global customers in various parts of the world like China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Africa, American and European Communities.

Also, we specialise in sourcing and procurement of Mining plant spare parts and equipment of bulk material handling machinery, drill rigs, cranes, draglines, shovels, underground mining equipment and much more. We keep in mind that any delay in the production can have an effect on mining operations and thus we need to ensure that the products required by our clients are delivered at the right time and at the right location.

Agro & Food Trading

Tollnaka General Trading that specializes in high quality dried fruit, nuts, dates, spices, herbs, pulses and grains. We source our products from the best suppliers around the world and deliver them to our customers with care. We are passionate about food and we are committed to providing you with the best service and value. Contact us today and discover how we can help you with your food-related needs.

The products are categorized into Food and Non-Food Items and include Biscuits, Edible oils, Baby Food, Snacks & Sweets, Drinks as well as Healthy & Beauty, Laundry and Household Products.

Container Homes & Construction Material Trading

Tollnaka General Trading source from a supplier that is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 Certified Company. Based in the UAE, we excel in crafting cabins, containers, flat packs, houses, and buildings. Our skilled team delivers tailored solutions, known for reliability, quality, and global reach. With cutting-edge technology and materials, we continue to grow, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Tollnaka General Trading is considered in the market to be one of the leading Service Provider, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers of this highly commendable and diverse range of Pre-fabricated container homes.Our manufacturing facility is in India with under brand name “Uppigo”.

We supply wide range of construction material such as Polymer Plastic Mesh, HDPE Fencing Net, Mosquito Net and many more.